in the whirlwind week since the launch of our dot com, I have had a whole 48 seconds to reflect on this phase of our journey. kidding! sort of.

all of this craziness brings me back to almost every Pinterest board I’ve ever started when I’m in a transitional period. somewhere between some stock images of farmhouse living, tucked in amongst some encouraging scripture, and just past that new ‘quick, easy and healthy, too!’ recipe (that I’ll never actually cook) is some beautiful quote about beginning.

and so here we are. at the beginning. again.

launching the website was something that, truthfully, I didn’t want to do. I set a deadline for myself, and whispered about it a bit through our social media pages. but I had to call myself out- I hadn’t announced an official date to you all because I wanted the wiggle room to get out of it. I wanted to cling to the chance to say it wasn’t perfect and it wasn’t ready. but this isn’t a new trick of mine! so, upon getting the guts to admit it to myself, I put a countdown on and it was go-time.

last Wednesday, my husband and I poured a glass of champagne (he insisted) and launched. we stayed up late watching people log in from all over the world- we couldn’t believe it. and guess what? it wasn’t perfect, and it wasn’t ready. but I spent the next three days digging through comments, emails and messages of congratulations and excitement.

so, I guess I just wanted to use this space to remind you- every chapter in every story has a beginning. maybe in this case we’ve been forced to turn the page, but it doesn’t mean that what’s to come isn’t going to be amazing.

just begin.

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