finding (and defining) balance.

Owning a small business is no joke.

The past several months I have found myself so closely connected with the most incredible and inspiring women in business.  I have spent countless mornings in a coffee shop with some, many late nights messaging with others and in some cases, I have solely connected with them online.

Recently I have been spending a lot of time talking about balance.  When you work at home, it is next to impossible to formulate boundaries.  Specifically in the online and social media driven world of small business, it seems that there is always something I should be giving my attention to.

In an online sense, I’m considering things like followers, credibility, authenticity, e commerce statistics, reach, demographics, marketing, customer experience, adaptability and depth of content and presence.  Administratively?  I’m managing supply and material orders, inventory, bookkeeping, market research, finding resources and developing new relationships to continue to allow the business to branch out- and being prepared (financially, spatially, logistically and from a timing perspective) to do so.

As for balance, I am learning it’s the perfect amount of self discipline and freedom to shift.  For example, I took a day off this week.  I spent Canada Day with my family and my friends and I forgave myself for it!  But today I had the ultimate carefree-hangover.  Anxiety and panic sat on my chest like a boulder for ignoring my to-do list (and therefore letting it grow substantially).  I took some time to reset and scribble some thoughts down to return to to share in this space.

I am learning to pace myself.  There is a difference between genuine momentum and personal excitement for new and exciting parts of the business.  Take the time to do things perfectly and not leave out any details.  Send the emails, crunch the numbers, rest.  Consider decisions from more than a place of ‘more and now’, and instead, ‘growth and tomorrow’.  Check your heart.  Give yourself the freedom to shift if something isn’t right. (*note to self)

So, mamas, over achievers, small business friends and people pleasers:

Let’s keep talking about this one.  I haven’t chatted with a person yet who didn’t need to hash out this topic. 

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