give your dreams a chance.

Recently I had the chance to chat with the lovely Jordynne from Plant Joy.  We discussed a bit about the importance of staying loyal to the vision you have for yourself (or in this case, your small business).

When you are first starting out in something that is big and unknown, when you’ve filled yourself with hope for what it will become and poured yourself into it- there is a massive vulnerability that you experience with yourself.

So many times while we’ve been building up this business I have thought to stray from why we started it.  I’ve actually seriously considered tossing aside the very intentional foundation set out for bubblegums ltd for the silliest of reasons.  For a request from someone who views ‘handmade’ as ‘custom only’, or when things start to get quieter in the business... or when (and this one is really embarrassing) we’re not getting enough likes and social media interaction.  To name a few.

I have wondered if we got it wrong.  Maybe people really didn’t want carefully selected collections, particularly chosen teething pendant options or a mama line that was fashion forward and wearable whether chew friendly or not.

I have wondered if I don’t have the voice I thought I did.  Maybe our content is boring, maybe our social media updates are easy to pass by- not interesting or thought provoking.

I have wondered if, being a family focused business, we should do away with the rules that Ryan and I have set out for how we share our daughter and our family moments online.

WHY do we talk ourselves out of our dreams?  Why do we let insignificant benchmarks become the measurables of our success?  Why do we think that one quiet sales day means we should shut down business or try to reroute our strategy entirely?  Why do we think we need to walk away from what we wanted to build in order to stay relevant or ahead?

The lessons that we have learned since launching this business are impossible to count.  I am a naturally reflective and analytic person, so my mind is often full of ways to overcome, move past, learn from and- as a friend encourages me often, uplevel.

Don’t underestimate the goals you’ve set for yourself, the dreams you have and the results you’re after.  Check in on the ways you are measuring these things, however.  In a social media crazed, small business saturated world- it’s easy to attribute our growth to the wrong things.

When you stick to your vision, and you make intentional changes that are focused on growth or new spurring passions that you’ve unearthed- people will notice.  It will shine through your product or service, it will be obvious in every post, every story, every order that you pack up or new person that you reach.

It’s easy to flounder when we mistake betraying our dreams with adaptation.  You can spread yourself (and your resources) thin when you are trying your hand at everything just to see if it works.

Some things take time, some things require shifting, and yes- some things will fail.  But you still need to give your dreams a chance.


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