relaunched to better connect with you!

hey you!

it's been one heck of a journey as bubblegums ltd has learned to adapt to the 'new normal'!

since business closures and other measures to slow the spread of COVID-19, we have been working overtime to come up with the best ways for you to continue to access our product line and for us all to stay connected!

I make it no secret that this business is driven by passion and the opportunity to connect and share. it's my greatest joy to hear the stories of your growing families, expecting loved ones, littles who both love and benefit from our sensory line and all of the reasons that you choose bubblegums ltd when it comes to gift giving or bringing quality, safe products into your own homes.

if it wasn't challenging enough navigating a solely online selling platform, the greater challenge for me will be not connecting with each of you individually. although online ordering can minimize some of those interactions that I love so much, you can expect to see a slight swing in our social media presence so that we can bring you in to the bubblegums family in new and exciting ways.

thank you, as always, for walking through this with us and for loving on who we are and what we do!

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