our family (photo by emma davidson)

Thanks for stopping by! We thought we’d take a sec to introduce ourselves, so that you can understand a bit more about bubblegums ltd!

I’m Janet. I’m the owner, founder, creator, maker, web designer, social media rep, communications lead, head of customer experience and the dreamer behind the business and brand.

However, although it would seem from that list that I do it all, none of it would be possible without the support, encouragement and behind-the-scenes hard work from my husband, Ryan. &I’m sure it goes without saying, but bubblegums ltd truly wouldn’t exist without the inspiration from our daughter, Georgia.

In what seemed like a pretty saturated market (amazing teething and sensory product businesses are everywhere!), I just couldn’t find what I was looking for. I wanted my little’s accessories to match outfits from current collections in stores, I wanted them to be affordable, versatile and safe. As a naturally inquisitive person, a leader and a high energy achiever, it was inevitable that this little mama dream would come to life. Through a crazy amount of dedication, belief and tenacity, this business has blossomed into a notable brand and an amazing opportunity to connect with individuals and the small business community.

While you mostly hear from me, I want to make it clear- bubblegums ltd is very much a family business. Support comes from our family, extended family, our chosen family and now our small business family. Whether it’s calling in helping hands while we prepare for markets or product releases, troubleshooting online issues with knowledgeable friends, celebrating wins/sorting through losses or brainstorming the topic of ‘what’s next?’ with other small business owners, or leaning on our chosen family when we’re out of gas and need some reassurance.

bubblegums ltd lives and breathes because of the people who believe in it. 
If you’ve ever liked or commented on a post, recommended us, stopped in at our storefront, Aggregate, shopped with our stockists, visited us at local markets and shows, or ordered online - you have believed in us, you have believed with us.
Thank you for being part of our family.